Women’s Health Run 10 Feed 10 and my first 10k!!

Yay!! I just wrote about 5 paragraphs on the topic of me and my running journey and then something happened to my computer and those paragraphs are now gone forever!!

I just LOVE it when that happens. ARGHHHH.

So, since I just spent about an hour plus writing and revising my post and it was destroyed… I just don’t have the energy to do it again at this moment. But, I promised myself that I would post today since it has been a while, so I will get something up here.

Here goes.

This past Sunday, September 21st, 2014, I ran my first 10K!! it was the Feed and Women’s Health Run 10 Feed 10 10K, and what made it even more eventful was the fact that I got to run it alongside my client Jess and her boyfriend Phil who also participated. It was also Jess’s first 10k and I am so proud of her for stepping up to the challenge and going through with it and finishing the race!

Adrenaline kept me going for the first couple of miles but by mile 4, I could definitely start to feel my legs tightening up… but at mile 4 you are already half way there and you just have to keep going!!

I would like to thank my spotify playlist for getting me through. :)

A few pics from the race. My gear all gathered in one place the morning of, downing some water immediately post race, and a few posed pics in front of the race course.

A few pics from the race. My gear all gathered in one place the morning of, downing some water immediately post race, and a few posed pics in front of the race course.

My client Jess and I posing in the Women's Health tent,  a post race pic of Jess, Phil and I, Jess crossing the finish line... and a pic of two strong and fit women!!

My client Jess and I posing in the Women’s Health tent, a post race pic of Jess, Phil and I, Jess crossing the finish line… and a pic of two strong and fit women!!

I will have to speak at a later point about getting to the place where I finally decided to run a race, because my journey as a runner started not too long ago and for all non-runners and runners out there alike, I would like to share… but… I just might need to write it all down on paper first. I’m an old fashioned gal like that, and I don’t trust technology. Prior case in point.

10 Get-Pumped Tips from Personal Trainers (and I’m One of them!!)


It can be a challenge for all of us to stay motivated and get that workout in… EVEN for PERSONAL TRAINERS!!

Sometimes I’d rather take a nap/watch a movie/eat a brownie… but I know that I will always feel better once I just get to it… and get it done.

So if you are deliberating or giving yourself a million excuses for not getting your workout today… STOP. Stop thinking… and START, putting on your shoes, START walking toward the gym (or wherever your workout happens)… and just START going. Once you get going, and START… you will NEVER be upset about that.

Enjoy your movement today!!

Here is a highlight from the article:


To check out the entire article, go here… and see what other trainers had to say.

Big Thanks to Amy Roberts (fitness guru and writer)!


A few benefits of Exercise

A few benefits of Exercise

I hope by the time you reach my page you already know the many benefits of exercise. (and if you have yet to experience the benefits… get in touch with me stat!!)

And if you need any more convincing, here is an article that points out just a few of those benefits.

Apart from keeping your muscles toned and joints working properly.. and getting you closer to that bikini body (or speedo body?), exercise improves your life in many more ways.

1. Helps you deal with STRESS. (get out that aggression and get some mental clarity!!)

2. Lifts Depression

3. Improves learning

4. Improves self esteem and body image

5. Makes you feel euphoric

6. Keeps your brain sharp

7. Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s (because it keeps you sharp!)


If you need any more convincing today for a reason to get off of the couch and get moving… CALL ME!!

Otherwise, enjoy your workout today! :D


MOVE BETTER, LIVE MORE, and survive the Zombie Apocalypse (or how I came up with my fitness philosophy)

While being interviewed for my first position as a personal trainer I  was asked what my fitness philosophy was. At the time… I remember being stumped.

I had grown up always being active and fitness was a part of my life. As a child I was a competitive gymnast, later I would go on to study dance… I surfed, rock climbed, hiked… for me, movement was an integrated part of my lifestyle, and I knew no other way.

So when I was posed with the question, “what is your fitness philosophy?”, I realized at that moment, that I had never really given it much thought. I did know that I believed in movement and I thought being able to move and move comfortably was important to me, so I’m sure I answered with something like, “I think people should stay active to be fit, so that they can get the most out of life”.

I was hired for that job and I began my career as a personal trainer.

As I started training, I continued to think about that question I was asked “what is your fitness philosophy?”.  What was it that I wanted for my clients? What did I believe in and what was my motivation?

I had come to the fitness industry because… well, I had been encouraged to do so. My years of being a gymnast had given me a strong and sturdy build, and I was often asked by random strangers if I was a personal trainer. Friends of mine would also try to get me to work out with them, so I guess that I heard this frequently enough, that the idea was planted into my brain, and eventually those small thoughts manifested into a career.

Before I worked in the fitness industry I waited tables. On more than one occasion, I was a asked by a customer  if worked out, or where I worked out. Often times I was asked by a young male… who I suspected had other questions on his mind that went along with that… and not just his curiosity as to how I got so strong. Hmmm. So, out of my own amusement I began to answer this question with a very straight face and serious monotone voice… “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.”(zombies were all the rage that year). The person who asked the question typically did not know how to respond to this (unless of course they were awesome and shared my hilarious sense of humor), and I always got a kick out of it.

Point of this story is… when I really did start to work as a trainer, I thought about the fitness level that it would take to actually survive the zombie apocalypse and decided that this was an excellent measure of fitness! If I could get my clients to be able to run away (cardiovascular endurance), climb a fence, lift their own body weight up (pull up), be strong enough to catch themselves from a fall (push up) or pick up a fallen comrade (dead lift)… then we would have achieved this great goal!

However, once I had a little more experience working with people, a variety of people,  from the elderly, very overweight, pregnant women, and those recovering from injuries, I began to come up with a new philosophy.

Though I still liked the idea of being able to survive the zombies, what I now really wanted was to just improve the lives of my clients. For many of my clients… performing the tasks in an apocalyptic world, were just too out of context or at the time unrealistic and unnecessary.

My senior clients needed to work on balance, flexibility and coordination… to ensure that they would have many more years of being self-sufficient. My clients who were overweight, needed to start moving in ways that eliminated pain, to get to the place where they could begin to move better and then move more.

In addition to working with my own clients, I witnessed poor form amongst many other gym goers and sometimes would hear stories about how they had suffered injuries due to their poor form.

I became aware of how important form and body awareness were for everyone. I recognized how nit-picky I was about form with each of my clients. I understood  that for most of my clients, a goal more relevant than surviving the zombie apocalypse, was just surviving their daily activities. I became increasingly passionate about working with my clients, and taking them from where they were… to where they wanted to be… a place where they weren’t hindered by their movements. A place where they could be victorious and look forward toward the next goal.

feeling strong today!

feeling strong today!

So… this is how my fitness philosophy actually came to be. Not only did I just want people to move, but to move better with the best quality.. to provide a lifetime of movement. Because when we can move… we can be self-sufficient, we can be strong, we can enjoy life to the fullest and not be limited by our bodies. And if we so choose, we can climb… heck, we could even move mountains (or larger boulders at least?).

So live your life to the fullest, thrive not survive…. unless of course there is a zombie apocalypse… in which case, survive that!!

MOVE BETTER. LIVE MORE. (do it now. don’t wait)