A few benefits of Exercise

A few benefits of Exercise

I hope by the time you reach my page you already know the many benefits of exercise. (and if you have yet to experience the benefits… get in touch with me stat!!)

And if you need any more convincing, here is an article that points out just a few of those benefits.

Apart from keeping your muscles toned and joints working properly.. and getting you closer to that bikini body (or speedo body?), exercise improves your life in many more ways.

1. Helps you deal with STRESS. (get out that aggression and get some mental clarity!!)

2. Lifts Depression

3. Improves learning

4. Improves self esteem and body image

5. Makes you feel euphoric

6. Keeps your brain sharp

7. Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s (because it keeps you sharp!)


If you need any more convincing today for a reason to get off of the couch and get moving… CALL ME!!

Otherwise, enjoy your workout today! 😀


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